From full-time job to 20 minutes per month on employee housing

Stress-free onboarding
Savings on temporary housing
Strong employer branding
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Common issues

Housing challenges

Negative employee journey
Weeks of stressful home searching, delays in insurance and other essentials.
High temporary accommodation costs
€4-5K/month without resolving the primary problem.
HR extra workload
Frequent housing queries from new employees.
Lost company revenue
Hours spent on viewings every week by new hires.

Our solutions

A much better way

#1 service for employee housing in the Netherlands

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Track record of meeting deadlines, ensuring you can always rely on us for timely moving experiences.
Virtual Viewings
€4000-5000 saved by each employee on temporary accommodation and 100s of thousands to the company.
Exceptional Service
Experienced estate agents, top-tier customer service, and intuitive app for a smooth move.
Biggest Selection
Netherlands' largest expat-focused rental catalog, tailored for any budget or taste.

Loved by HR teams

Since 2021 we delivered an exceptional service to our customers and helped them with all challenges of relocation.

For me the best is that everyone is finding apartments and people are not stressed. I can use my time to improve other processes. It's a huge relief and way less work for us.

Cristina Bianco
Sr. People Ops Specialist at Hubs

Relocify streamlines my work and HR tasks, allowing me to focus on proper onboarding. Relocations aren't my expertise, and I don't have the time or the know-how to assist employees in finding housing.

Kerly Hill
HR Manager at Evolution

With Relocify, you really feel like someone is taking your hand and taking you through this, which is very important when you’re a newcomer and you don’t know anything about this country.

Natalia Tolmacheva
Sr. Relocation Manager at Expatrix

Biggest Selection

Properties from all housing websites and agencies/landlords with wealth of data on each offer.

    Powerful Filters

    Easily filter through thousands of properties.

    Anywhere in the Netherlands

    Vast network of agents & partners across the country.

    Utility Calculator

    Personalised cost estimates on each property.

    Area Score & Renting Odds

    Area ratings and data-driven odds for securing properties.

    Instant Notifications

    Real-time push notifications to stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual & In-Person

Cut costs on temp housing with virtual tours, while keeping the in-person option open.

    Comprehensive virtual tours

    Experiencing the property, stairs, and building like they are there—with crystal-clear, comprehensive video tours and soon also in 3D.

    All important details

    Wealth of information after each tour delivered with video.

    Sign contract online

    We will send an offer, negotiate terms, explain key points of contract and send to sign it online.

    Also in-person

    Do they want

Exceptional service

Experienced estate agents, top-tier customer service, and intuitive app for a smooth move.

    iOS, Android and Web Apps

    For a smooth experience on phone or in the browser, we offer apps to manage the whole process independently, be always up to date and to provide the highest quality service to any employee, anytime.

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    Service employees will love

    Read our reviews to see why our customers love us and why we keep our customers always delighted.

    "Service is an innovative fusion of bots (monitoring rental offers), personalised filters, well organised processes and a very friendly team that you can trust will represent your interests well."

    Dr. Andreas Györy - via Google Reviews

    Always available

    We reply within 5 minutes in the customer chat or on the property discussion.

Additional Perks

From our extensive knowledge base to schooling assistance, everything that your employee might need.

    Knowledge Base

    Most comprehensive and always up to date knowledge base where we cover everything from opening the bank account to cultural integration.

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    Connecting Utilities

    Ready contracts for gas, water, electricity and internet received by email to sign online after a 10-15 minute consultation call. As simple as that.


    Schooling Advice

    Our schooling partners can help make one of the most important decisions - in which language and where young ones should study.

    Check-in & Check-out

    Property inspection at check-in/out to protect the deposit and make sure your employees don't get overcharged for property damages.

    Bank Account

    We will schedule an appointment with a bank and help in opening it without BSN in the first week.


    Landlord Liaison Support

    Dedicated support for post-move-in communication with landlords, especially with maintenance issues or other concerns.

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