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Successfully helped 1000+ expats to find their dream home.

Service is an innovative fusion of bots (monitoring rental offers), personalised filters, well organised processes and a very friendly team that you can trust will represent your interests well.

Dr. Andreas Györy

We were able to see new properties via the website and choosing the one we liked for the viewing, the whole process is well thought and easy to use.

Aleksandr Prokhorov

We had a great experience with Relocify not once but twice. Even in such challenging times of finding an apartment they make the whole process a lot easier and stress free.

Amir Parkar

I was new in town but Gulce managed to get for me a really cozy place, fully furnished and in the perfect location (10' biking to the office, 10' biking to the city centre).

Marco Saviano

I am so happy I went through their service. It definitely helps newcomers in the country to get settled and feel at home.

Ann-Juliett Stern

I would recommend Relocify to anyone looking to move to Amsterdam. The whole process was made so easy, we can't believe that we're here.

Christina Keightley

Via the App

Manage your move from A to Z via our comfortable web and mobile apps and save time.

Three Simple Steps

From browsing to moving in to your dream home in the Netherlands.

Set your filters

Filter thousands of properties and receive only ones that match your preferences.
Biggest selection of properties
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Biggest Selection

Homes from all housing websites and off-market offers from partner agencies.

    Powerful Filters

    Easily filter through thousands of properties.

    Anywhere in the Netherlands

    Vast network of agents & partners across the country.

    Utility Calculator

    Personalised cost estimates on each property.

    Area Score & Renting Odds

    Area ratings and data-driven odds for securing properties.

    Instant Notifications

    Real-time push notifications to stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual & In-Person

Cut costs on temp housing with virtual tours, while keeping the in-person option open.

    Comprehensive virtual tours

    Experience the property, stairs, and building like you are there—with crystal-clear, comprehensive video tours and soon also in 3D.

    All important details

    Wealth of information after each tour delivered with video.

    Sign contract online

    We will send an offer, negotiate terms, explain key points of contract and send to sign it online.

    Also in-person

    Want to attend the viewing with us? We'll accompany for an on-site property tour and show it in-person.

Exceptional service

Experienced estate agents, top-tier customer service, and intuitive app for a smooth move.

    iOS, Android and Web Apps

    For a smooth experience on phone or in the browser, we offer apps to manage the whole process independently, be always up to date and to provide the highest quality service to any customer, anytime.

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    Service you will love

    Read our reviews to see why our customers love us and why we keep our customers always delighted.

    "Service is an innovative fusion of bots (monitoring rental offers), personalised filters, well organised processes and a very friendly team that you can trust will represent your interests well."

    Dr. Andreas Györy - via Google Reviews

    Always available

    We reply within 5 minutes in the customer chat or on the property discussion.

Additional Perks

From our extensive knowledge base to schooling assistance, everything that you might need.

    Knowledge Base

    Most comprehensive and always up to date knowledge base where we cover everything from opening the bank account to cultural integration.

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    Connecting Utilities

    Ready contracts for gas, water, electricity and internet received by email to sign online after a 10-15 minute consultation call. As simple as that.


    Schooling Advice

    Our schooling partners can help make one of the most important decisions - in which language and where young ones should study.

    Check-in & Check-out

    Property inspection at check-in/out to protect the deposit and make sure you don't get overcharged for property damages.

    Bank Account

    We will schedule an appointment with a bank and help in opening it without BSN in the first week.


    Landlord Liaison Support

    Dedicated support for post-move-in communication with landlords, especially with maintenance issues or other concerns.

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