Referral Program

Refer individuals or companies and receive up to €2,000 per referral

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We launched an affiliate program for recruiters, engineers, designers, and simply anyone who knows a person or company in need of relocation services and wants to refer them to us.

For recruiters

Do you have an international who is on the way to Amsterdam and could potentially use our services? Recommend to their employer or to person themself our services and earn up to €2,000 per referral.

For engineers and designers

Do you have expat colleagues, and is your company hiring internationally? Recommend them our services and get up to €2,000 per referral.

Your Rewards

Different amounts depending on who you refer and, in the case of the company, how big they are.


Refer a friend or colleague



    Company with <200 employees



      Company with 200-500 companies


        Big company

        Company with 500-3000 employees



          Company with 3000+ employees


            How does it work?

            1. Refer someone by introducing/CC-ing us in the email or send to us name and email before/after you refer someone
            2. As soon as the company or the person pays our invoice we will send you the bonus, as simple as that!

            Join the program


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